Marques de Vargas


The winery Marqués de Vargas was built in 1989 on the Hacienda Pradolagar Estate in Logroño and was the first project of the Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas.

The winery, set in the middle of its own vineyards like a “chateâu”, is located in the heart of the Ebro Valley, in a region known as the “Three Marquis”.


In this winery three premium single vineyard red wines are produced in limited production

Saying Marqués de Vargas in the wine world is naming four generations dedicated to the production and sales of excellent Rioja wines. The title of the Marqués de Vargas is held by a family closely linked to this important viticultural region in Spain.It was in 1840 when Felipe de Mata, the eighth Marqués de Vargas, planted the first vines in the outskirts of Logroño.

Especially memorable was Hilario de la Mata, the father of the current Marqués de Vargas, who for years presided over one of the most emblematic wineries in Rioja.In 1989, Pelayo de la Mata, the current Marqués de Vargas, realized his father’s dream by building a winery on the Estate Hacienda Pradolagar in Logroño.

Our property has an area of 65 hectares, and is planted with the red varieties Tempranillo, Mazuelo, Graciano and Garnacha. Each is planted on virus-free American base plant and protected from westerly winds.In order to achieve our objectives, the utmost care is taken from the beginning of the process—the planting of the vines—where we treat our vineyards as though they were the most refined garden.


The soil is calcareous-clayey, very poor in nutrients, but excellent for the quality it produces. The vines are never watered so as to avoid the weakening of the tannins, and no pesticides or herbicides are used. The vine stocks are pampered year-round through different pruning processes and the removal of some grapes to improve the quality of the remaining grapes.With a production level restricted between 4.000 and 5.000 kg. per hectare in order to obtain fruits at their optimum level of acidity, tannic structure and alcohol degree, we exclusively make red Reserva wines.

In the construction of the winery, we didn’t spare any efforts in building a production plant equipped with the most modern technology and a cellar where the wines age in barrels and bottles, under the very best conditions.We only use fine-grained American, French and Russian oak barrels, whose growth rings show the greatest quantity of spring wood, excellent for ageing wines meant for long-term storage.


Furthermore, the levels of toasting of the barrels are combined to achieve a majestic blend, while the protagonism of the fruit is maintained. The result is a collection of wines produced from a single vineyard, bottled with no treatments, clarifying, or filtering. Intense in color, strong in structure and with an interesting finish that the new wood adds, all of these wines are ideal for immediate consumption. They have, however, great potential for improvement in the bottle, and refinement of structure and aromas over time.